My name is Agnieszka. I was born in Gdansk, city in Poland that is world famous for its Baltic Amber very often described as Baltic Gold.

I was fascinated by jewellery and the art of jewellery making from a very young age but had never thought of taking it up professionally. Until I moved to West Coast of Ireland some years ago and that is when I discovered Art Clay Silver.Now I am living and creating in the most beautiful place in Ireland and loving it more and more every day. Killarney is one of those places where the arts are vibrant and appreciated, and for me, has inspired a re-connection with my artistic side. I followed my creative nature and began exciting journey in creating unique jewellery.

I am a Jewellery Designer and Art Clay Silver Instructor. I work mostly with Art Clay Silver but also other items that you will find on my work bench are semi – precious and precious metals, semi-precious stones, pearls, enamel, glass and natural gemstones.

All pieces are made by hands in my home studio and are the product of my life’s inspiration.

Last year I started teaching jewellery making in Tubrid Studio in Tralee and in Old Killarney Cottages in Killarney. Please contact me if you are interested in taking classes with me, or having me teach at your location.

“I hope that people wearing my jewellery will experience the same happiness as I do while creating it.”


Art Clay Silver is fine silver suspended in clay with a binding agent. The binder burns off when the clay is fired in a kiln and the result is 99% pure fine silver.

Here, at Studio Amberarte we offer a unique Handmade Silver Jewellery. Our range includes rings, necklaces, earings and custom fingerprints for keepsake.